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How to make money with your flat?


How to make money with your flat? Knowing how to manage tourist apartments is an arduous task but that, if done correctly, can offer you many benefits. However, the management of tourist flats requires time and certain knowledge. Therefore, if you are thinking of placing your holiday apartment for rent, your best option is to … Read more

Kicking for La Cruz del Carmen

Landscape of Anaga on Tenerife Island, Canary Islands

Kicking for La Cruz del Carmen In the Rural Park of Anaga is a protected space that offers various leisure alternatives for those looking for contact with nature, away from the noise and routine characteristic of most cities. This place offers a different landscape resulting from permanent humidity in the upper areas, and there predominate … Read more

Walking around Garachico

a blonde in a sundress with a backpack walks along the street of the Old town of Garachico on the

Walking around Garachico If you pass through the north of Tenerife we recommend visiting this coastal town, which was commercial capital and main port of the island from the conquest until 1706, when the volcano erupted and destroyed much of the town and its port. Hence, natural pools have been formed with easy access for … Read more

The pilgrimages, a tradition deeply rooted in the Canary Islands

View over Candelaria town in Tenerife, Spain

The pilgrimages, a tradition deeply rooted in the Canary Islands To the rhythm of timples, guitars and drums the streets are filled with party with the intention of promoting and maintaining mainly the agricultural and livestock tradition of the municipalities of the Canary Islands. Thus today, the pilgrimage is a traditional festival of the Canary … Read more

Carnival of Tenerife


Carnival of Tenerife The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife holds, together with the Carnival of Cadiz and the Carnival of Eagles (Murcia) the maximum consideration for parties granted by the ministry with tourism competences in Spain. It is considered the second most popular and internationally known carnival, after those held in Rio de Janeiro … Read more

Flying over volcanoes

Paraglider Flying at Sunset in a Valley. Outdoor Adventure.

Flying over volcanoes Flying paragliding contemplating the wonderful views of the island of Tenerife, is just flying along with the pilot, using a special harness and an anchorage system. The passenger stands in the chair in front of the pilot, enjoying this wonderful and fun flying experience. It is very easy, anyone can perform this … Read more

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