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Kicking for La Cruz del Carmen

In the Rural Park of Anaga is a protected space that offers various leisure alternatives for those looking for contact with nature, away from the noise and routine characteristic of most cities. This place offers a different landscape resulting from permanent humidity in the upper areas, and there predominate the laurisilva vegetation, the cardonals, the sabinares and some small pine spotlights. Taking a photo from the various viewpoints becomes an experience for photography lovers as long as they don’t get caught in the fog, very characteristic in their summits.

The Cruz del Carmen becomes an interesting starting point for those looking for trails, both for beginner and the most demanding levels, and has a visitor center with useful information about routes and trails. However, here are a number of suggestions and recommendations to keep in mind before starting any hiking activity in the area.

  • It is advisable to look in advance at the difficulty level of the chosen route, as well as the distance.
  • It is best to start the trails first thing in the morning and without heat. Remember that there is no telephone coverage, so it is convenient to be accompanied.
  • Another suggestion is to move by public transport, since all the villages and hamlets of Anaga have this service, which will make your journey more comfortable.
  • Always remember to check the schedules, both round trip and back, because they usually vary.
  • One very important thing to keep in mind is that Anaga is a protected and very fragile natural space, so please take care of the environment and try not to leave trash.

You have only to set a date, gather a group of friends and venture to discover the mountains of Anaga. Then you can finish the route on the coast, take a bath and renew your energies.

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