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Flying over volcanoes

Flying paragliding contemplating the wonderful views of the island of Tenerife, is just flying along with the pilot, using a special harness and an anchorage system.

The passenger stands in the chair in front of the pilot, enjoying this wonderful and fun flying experience.

It is very easy, anyone can perform this activity from the age of 10, since no experience is needed. The passenger only has to give a short run at the time of takeoff, the driver takes care of the rest. In addition, it is the most didactic way to learn about aerodynamics, wind and its components.

If you are looking to realize your dream of flying with this exciting activity, Tenerife offers various variants of paragliding for each type of person, from gentle descents to flights in thermal descent with which we will gain many meters on the relief. All with maximum safety: two-person approved paragliding, complete passenger equipment and qualified pilots with many flight hours and experience.

The most frequented flight areas:

1) Ifonche, where we fly over the majestic Roque del Conde; Barranco del Infierno and then the village of Adeje.

2) Jama in the San Lorenzo Valley

3) Izaña that gives us the wonderful views of the Teide volcano.

4) The Valley of La Orotava.

In case they do not have their own vehicle we can pick them up at the hotel and take them back after the tour.

If you come to Tenerife, and do not try the paragliding with the wonderful views, you will regret it. Do you dare?

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