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Hiking through the seven Glens of the Teide

As we have mentioned in several of our previous articles, the National Park of El Teide is a mandatory stop for anyone who visits Tenerife.

You have barely started the journey to the Teide and its varied flora and also its fauna, unique on the planet, surprise you. However, once above the landscape becomes more desert and volcanic and suddenly before your eyes appears the majestic volcano Teide rising in all its height of 3,718 meters, which makes it the highest mountain in Spain.

Crossing the tee road makes you feel like you’re in another world. Contemplating the volcanic landscape puts you in an almost lunar place and turns your visit into a silent recharge of good energies. These plains formed thanks to the erosion and sedimentation of lava by volcanic activity also become a favorite place for athletes, hikers and hikers who head there to get their best performance.

To take the tour of the seven glens and cross the National Park of El Teide, we recommend an organized excursion or in the company of some tour guide.

Likewise, in the area there are numerous trails highly recommended for all those who love nature. In the Visitor Center of El Portillo you can receive valuable information about the main trails of the area and you will also enjoy an explanatory video about the formation of the Teide, but that is: you must go early, as it closes at four in the afternoon.

Las Siete Cañadas is one of the many routes you can make in El Teide, either by day to be able to delight in the “sea of clouds”, or at night to contemplate the celestial vault and learn some astronomy.

In both cases it is a fabulous experience. We recommend taking the route especially in late spring or early summer, when temperatures are usually pleasant. We also advise you to wear warm clothes even in fine weather, comfortable and fastened shoes, cap, sun protection and enough water.

Touring the Seven Cañadas can take about four or five hours in total from the El Portillo Visitor Center (16 kilometers), so we recommend you sign up for an organized route. It is a gentle mountain path without greater difficulty than it may represent for some people the lack of oxygen being more than 2,000 meters high. On this trail you will be surrounded by numerous volcanic structures, summits, rocks and laundry, without losing sight of El Teide, which will accompany you in almost the entire route to the Parador Nacional de Las Cañadas del Teide, although the route could also be made in reverse.
It is important to know that it is not a circular path, so it is advisable, if you go on your own, to leave cars at the beginning and end of the route.
We recommend you to live and enjoy this experience, which is one of the many things that El Teide offers you. ah! And don’t forget to share it with us!

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